Mananged Print Services

managed print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for your Multi-function printers and associated services. 

At 360 Office we can implement a Managed Print Solution to fulfil your business’s office Printing requirements by selecting from a range of Hardware Printer Manufacturers and Software Vendors to achieve a robust, secure and cost effective solution.

Why not book a Print Audit today to ensure you have the right equipment at the right costs. We often save up to 40% of existing costs, why not see what you can save?

5 Benefits of a Managed Print Service

We provide Managed Print Services to help manage your printing devices, including copiers, MFPs, scanners, and faxes. These all enable businesses to improve their efficiency, productivity and information security, typically by monitoring usage, automating the replenishment of consumables and meeting the business’s printing needs. 

Our  Managed Print Service offers many of the following benefits.

1. Improve your data retention and information security

2. Increase productivity in your business

3. Reduce waste and improve your environmental footprint

4. Reduce printing and document process costs for the business

5. Reduce capital outlay and improve cashflow

Speak to us to help implement these benefits for your business.

Managed Print Services (MPS) at a glance:

Improved communication

We work closely with our clients and know everyone by name, so when you call us, we’ll know who you are and what you’re about. Bigger does not all always mean better, in fact many larger companies fail to communicate across the business leading to mistakes and client issues.

The choice of brand is yours

We work with a range of manufacturers which is important as it ensures you get the Printer or MFP that suits you, not the only one we sell.

Installed by experts

Our team are manufacturer trained to the highest of standards. They are also IT engineers by trade ensuring our customers have the piece of mind that the job will be completed securely to ensure data protection and data integrity.

You pay for what's agreed

We do not charge for parts insurance, IT support charge, network support, GDPR tax or any other nonsense charges. Our ethos is to keep it simple and ensure the customer knows what they are paying for.

Let software do the work

We offer a range of software to assist in either add functionality, reducing costs or simply to check who’s printing what and where.  Once your business grows, software when use correctly will add real value to the printer fleet.

Why worry about Toner.

Our clients use are service so they don’t need to worry about Print and all its little annoyances, including ordering toner and ensure that it is in stock. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

"We had used the same printer company for over 10 years, but we felt as their business had grown our business became less important. 360 Office put our needs first and delivered on what they had promised, its made changing supplier much simpler than I would have ever anticipated."

Best of Breed

Want to Reduce your Cost of Printing?


Already use Managed Print?

If you already use Copiers or MFPs you maybe familiar with the benefits of a Managed Print Service. We can work with you and the business to ensure you have the right mix of hardware and software enabling you to drive efficiencies and maximise your budget.

Printer Engineer

Improve your ROI

Long gone is the dusty old photocopier from yesteryear. Modern devices are an integral part of the office environment which allow business communication via integrated apps through business workflows such as SharePoint, Document Management or Evernote. By setting free the Printer’s capabilities you’re able to streamline your business processes.

360 Office work hard to ensure our customers are aware of what the hardware can do, but more importantly what it can’t do. We run a test environment at our Hull offices to allow our engineers to configure, test and adapt solutions that would benefit our customers. It’s by accruing this in-depth knowledge that we are able to offer the best advice and support.

New or Pre-owned?

New Copier / MFPs are generally required by companies doing larger volumes to ensure the reliability and reduce any downtime, or to provide cutting edge technology which older hardware will not fulfil. This is what you need to consider

Downtime – vs – Cost

Not every business or organisation require new hardware. In fact, many smaller companies, charities and churches simply need A3 functionality but will not be producing the volumes to benefit from new equipment.

To ensure this market is catered for we provide a full range of pre-owned, refurbished hardware which can be supplied on a full service and maintenance contract giving the same benefits and piece of mind as those customers buying new equipment.

Pre-owned equipment is often used in less busy areas of a company where less printing and copying is undertaken, but there is still a need.

For a full list of our current pre-owned hardware simply contact us for further details.

Looking for a local Copier Provider?

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Born in Yorkshire to support business and people in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, so whether you’re from Hull or Huddersfield, Wakefield or Wetwang, Sheffield or Scunthorpe, we’re here to support you and your team with all your Office needs.

Our Callcentre is based in Hull. We’re a friendly bunch and happy to take calls when you have an issue.

Our engineers are based in the local regions but use the office when they need parts, supplies, a just a cup of tea and a chat with one of their colleagues.

Whole of Market or Best or Breed?

You may have come across the phrases Whole of Market or Best of Breed. Whole of Market is often used in the Mortgages sector for vendors who offer a range of mortgages rather than just their own, such as a Bank.

Our view is that unless you have an element of choice, how do you know you’re getting the right product? Manufactures will tell you their machines are the best, and they may well be for your business, but not for everyone.

This is why we offer multiple devices from various Printer Manufacturers. Some work with different software or Biometrics, offers offer higher quality output ideal for Estate Agents and Marketing and Advertising. Some are with leading with disruptive technology such as Ink over Toner, great for Manufacturing and Food Processing

We work with our clients to cut through the technical jargon, sales pitches and get down to what really works. More often than not, we can offer a choice products. with pros and cons followed by a recommendation.