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Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace has evolved over the last 20 years but more significantly in the last 5 years as it’s now become the norm to move processes to a digital format.

It its most basic form we’ve gone from letters to email. Now more than 99.9% of businesses’ use email in their daily workflows, and most of us would struggle to get the job done without email communication.

The Digital Workplace is much more than email. It’s the transition of tradition paper based processes to an electronic format. As many of these processes have evolved over the last 30 years, transferring them to a digital format is not always straight forward.

360 Office can advise, design, implement and manage this transition. We work with a range of Partners to find the most suitable solution, and often businesses already have the tools, software and experience in place, its simply using our knowledge and guidance to get to the desired destination.

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We innovate with intelligent business applications

Are you ready for digital automation?

Staff working from home can create challenges around access to office facilities, such as copiers, scanners, filing cabinets. There are also risks around company data and GDPR. These are all areas which can we addressed with the digital  workplace.

By automating the manual processes in the finance office the business can save time and resources, improve accuracy and improve reporting. Imaging a 30% reduce in processing your invoices.

By retaining files and documents longer than required takes either physical or data storage space. To remove these files takes resources, which can be costly. Why not automate based upon pre-defined criteria art at the point of capture to remove / delete these documents.

If you still complete paper documents to capture information, share information, then this is something which could potentially be streamlined. Even signed paperwork can be e-signed now, leaving very little excuse not to implement change.

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- Fully automate your invoice process
- Support your mobile workforce
- Securely archive your critical documents
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- Out of the box workflows
- Could & On-prem solutions
- Securely archive your critical documents
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Digital Workplace at a glance:

Improved communication

We work closely with our clients and know everyone by name, so when you call us, we’ll know who you are and what you’re about. Bigger does not all always mean better, in fact many larger companies fail to communicate across the business leading to mistakes and client issues.

The choice of brand is yours

We work with a range of manufacturers which is important as it ensures you get the Printer or MFP that suits you, not the only one we sell.

Installed by experts

Our team are manufacturer trained to the highest of standards. They are also IT engineers by trade ensuring our customers have the piece of mind that the job will be completed securely to ensure data protection and data integrity.

You pay for what's agreed

We do not charge for parts insurance, IT support charge, network support, GDPR tax or any other nonsense charges. Our ethos is to keep it simple and ensure the customer knows what they are paying for.

Let software do the work

We offer a range of software to assist in either add functionality, reducing costs or simply to check who’s printing what and where.  Once your business grows, software when use correctly will add real value to the printer fleet.

Why worry about Toner.

Our clients use are service so they don’t need to worry about Print and all its little annoyances, including ordering toner and ensure that it is in stock. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.