covid-19 response

360 Office Response to COVID-19

Our Business

360 Office continue to monitor the current situation whilst taking advice and guidance from the UK Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Our priority is to ensure the safety of our staff and customers who allow are business to function and ensure our continues support to our end users.

Our Current Policy to Covid-19

We have implemented a home working strategy wherever possible. On occasion we require a skeleton staff within our offices to maintain our SLA’s and continuity of Services. Our phone numbers have not changed and customer can continue to contact us via the normal channels of Phone, Email and Website. Our cleaning policy in the offices have evolved, to were possible eradicate the spread of the virus as much as possible. As a technology business we have adapted well to working remotely reducing any impact on our customers.

The Directors are implementing these changes and will continue to change and evolve as the situation develops. 

Our Suppliers

We are continuing to working closely with our suppliers. There is already early signs of stock issues with Toners and parts. As we made a decision to stock these locally, this will not effect our clients, and we will be shipping supplies slightly earlier than normal to take into account our couriers potential issues with personal.

Visitors to our Office

To ensure the Health and Safety of our team, other than supplier deliveries, we are not accepting visitors to our sites, whether this be customers, suppliers or anyone else. We very much see this as a measure to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure business continuity.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the situation please do not hesitate to contact us.